Why CoFANCY’s color contact lenses look so real?

The realness of the lens color can be attributed to the pattern of the lenses which is produced in a dot matrix format rather than lines. And the 3-in-1 Coloring Technology makes the eyes have a stunning hue.”It feels like I got ring fill lights right in front of me, it’s like a highlighter to my eye, this is amazing!”Said Kathy, a famous beauty vlogger.

The price range starts around $23.99 for non-prescription lenses, which are FDA approved, after all, we want what’s good for our eyes not what works. Orders are placed through CoFANCY’s website.

Compared to other cosmetic lenses on the market, some beauty vlogger testimonials claim the lenses from CoFANCY feel thinner, lighter and appear more natural-looking than other color contact lenses on the market, and CoFANCY has the daily colored contacts which are healthier and easier to maintain.

Asian models wearing colored contact lenses

Celebrities have pulled off a transformation with flying colors. Kendall Jenner snapped a selfie wearing cosmetic enhancement and described it as “trippy”, Selena Gomez also went blue. At Met Gala, Kanye West emerged alongside Kim Kardashian, with an accessory that sparkled more than his bedazzled Balmain jacket.

In CoFANCY, we have more options for you to follow the beauty trend. Such as Ice grape Purple lens will give you beautiful purple realistic eyes, Sea Salt lens will give you a better look of light blue eyes.

There’s no doubt that cosmetic contact lenses are a new trend, Choose what’s good for you and what’s superb for your eyes.